SN H.L. BOUWMAN was assigned here from spring of 1954 to spring of 1955
Detail is below
This map does not have roads added after that era.
The subjects detailed below can be linked to from the map also.
Norfolk This link displays how Vern traveled to Norfolk in 1954.
Navy Base
This link displays photos Vern took on the main base during his week wait to be received at the Harbor Defense Base in Little Creek.
Little Creek
This link displays Harbor Defense Base building and personnel photos taken during his one year of duty here. Several guys were here being prepared for their next duty station, The USS Kawishiwi AO-146. They never told us that until we received our orders in the spring of 1955.
USS Missouri
This link leads to a page Vern prepared on the Missouri because, while in this area, he was able to tour the ship one of home town school friends. He viewed in Seattle WA also. 
Oceanview This link displays the Oceanview Amusement Park, where Vern had his 1st ever coaster ride.
Air Station This link displays a plane, Vern was able to get a hop to Washington D.C. in, one weekend.
Dam Neck This link displays the 5 inch gun training, Vern received. He was a powder pusher.
Virginia Beach This link is a small description of liberty at the great resort town.
Ferry This link describes the old Ferry Vern saw while at the HDB and later rode on in 1960. 
Ship Scrapping
In 2008 the Oiler USS TRUCKEE AO-147 was scrapped here.
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