This page has been created for five reasons:

1. The author "VERN" is interest in Navy Ships as he served aboard USS Kawishiwi.

2. As a Telecommunications Engineer, in 1985  Vern helped design Everett's new base cabling system including new connectors for fiber cables required to physically tie ships the networks, as they dock.

3. Provide a link to his 2007 TOUR
    of USS Abraham Lincoln.

4. Provide a link to his 2009 TOUR
     of USS Rainier.

5. To try to inform the public of the importance and HISTORY of U. S. NAVY OILERS.

The US Aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln belongs to the Nimitz class. The ship came out of production on 3 november 1984 and came operational on 11 november 1989 with the US Navy. The ship is now a day still in use. The ship will be probably somewhere in the Indian Ocean because after the Tsunami disaster the aircraft carrier was in 1 or 2 days in the region to provide humanitary support. During the support one HH-60H Sea hawk helicopter crashed.
The ship has a length of 1092.5 feet and a width of 257.2 feet. The ship has 4 propellers which each has a height of 21 feet and a weight of 11 ton. The propulsion of the ship is driven by four sets of powerful high-pressure and low-pressure turbines working in tandem to propel its massive hull at tactical speeds. The turbines are not optional equipment. Heat generated by the onboard nuclear reactor creates the steam that drives the turbines that drive the four propellers of the ship. The steam generated by the reactor is also used to launch the airplanes and drive other turbines to generate electricity for the ship.  The ship can provide about 100,000 homes 90 days with electricity. On the ship are 5.500 people working.

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