According to Hutchins Recollections, PAGE 2, The new depot at town of Fenn's Mill
had the sign "FENNVILLE", and it stuck. Notice where the Geese can be seen.
The North side of Fennville is in MANLIUS Township.

Vern's memories are mostly with Hutchins Lake and Old M89. The road East of Fennville was
a sandy trail until sometime in the 50's.  Riding a bicycle to see the new pipe line, beyond this
map, was quite hard.  The auto trips to Allegan were always on Old M89. A stop at the Pearl gas
station just West of the tracks was sometimes necessary. The road was in bad repair most of the
time.  One bicycle trip along this road on a hot summer day proved yukky. At a gas station about
a mile East of this map at round Lake, Vern purchased a Mound Candy bar. It had been for some
time, for when he opened it up, all the little white particles were moving.

The town of Clyde became "PEARL" AND Sherman became "BRAVO"

LEE Township begins just South of Bravo.
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