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     Friday 8 February at 0438 approaching Charleston, South Carolina on various courses and speeds. Pilot came aboard at 0608 and took the ship to Folly Isle Roads off Fort Sumter where the ship anchored. At 0844 ATR-7 shifted to an anchorage in the Ashley River, Charleston, South Carolina. Underway again at 1057 for U.S. Naval Frontier Base and moored to dock Able at 1107.
     Monday 11 February ATR-7 shifted berths to pier Able with ATR-30 moored to starboard side. Pursuant to orders of SOPA, certain ammunition was removed from the ship. During the next few days the crew continued removal of ammunition. an inspection board of three officers from the base came on board Monday 18 February and held material inspection.
     Thursday 28 February ATR-7 got underway anchored by a mooring buoy in the Ashley River, U.S. Naval Frontier Base, with USS ATR-30 AND USS ATR-95 mooring portside. Tuesday 5 March ATR-7 got underway for the fuel dock. After refueling, anchored again near the mooring buoy in the Ashley River. Aside from shifting mooring, ATR-7 saw the end of March 1946 anchored in the Ashley river by a mooring buoy at U.S. Naval Frontier Base, Charleston, South Carolina.

     On Wednesday 17 April 1946 ATR-7 got underway for the fuel dock and after refueling returned to the anchorage alongside USS ATR-30 and USS LCI-522. Tuesday 30 April the tug W.H. WILLIAMS and YTB-260 moved ATR-7 to the fuel dock with pilot in charge. All bunker fuel oil was discharged from ATR-7 by 2035. The following day Wednesday 1 May ATR-7 was sifted to Pier F, berth #7 Navy Yard where they began the preservation process on ships machinery for decommissioning purposes. Moored next to ATR-30 and ATR-70.
    Monday 13 May 1946 USS ATR-7 was riding at mooring lines at pier Fox, berth #7, Navy Yard, Charleston, South Carolina. A group of four men were transferred to the Separation Center at 0830 this morning. At 1035 a Pilot came on board. ATR-7 was underway at 1050 in tow of tugs en route to excess vessel berthing area in Wando River. At 1202 the ship moored portside to ATR-25 and secured the starboard anchor with stoppers at 40 fathoms. At 1240 set material condition Able.
    All hands were ordered assembled at quarters for the decommissioning. At 1300 on Monday 13 May 1946 the commission pennant and colors were hauled down in accordance with COMSIX decommissioning letter dated 1946. All watches were secured.

     The deck log was signed by LTJG, the last duty officer.

    By authority of BUPERS CL/46 the remaining enlisted men were transferred to the Receiving Station Navy Yard, Charleston, South Carolina for further assignment this date.

     Deck log signed, by LT. USNR, Commanding and LTJG Navigator.

     So ends the story of a proud little ship.



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