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    ATR-7's first trip south to Bahia, a state whose main port was Salvador, began the afternoon of 28 April when she got underway at 2050 in accordance with COMSOLANT secret despatch to proceed en route from Recife to Bahia, Brazil. The ship arrived at Bahia and moored at 1207 on 30 April, she moored next to the USS CHAIN ARS-20 several times and a few times mooring next to the cruiser USS ONAHA CL-4.
    All hands turned to and began scrapping and wire brushing the wooden hull to remove the accumulated marine growth from the wooden planking. A few days later a new coat of anti-fouling paint, to discourage teredo,  (a29 May. At 0929 on 31 May she took departure of Bahia and set her course back to Recife, ATR-7 moored in Recife again on 1 June to await her next assignment.
    ATR-7's third cruise to Bahia began at 1305 Wednesday 20 June when she left Recife, Brazil and after steaming several hours dumped a small quantity of unserviceable ammunition into the sea. She then continued on en route to Bahia, Brazil. The ship arrived again in Bahia and moored to the pier at 0224 on Friday 22 June. The first job was to move the big floating drydock over to a new location. A few days later they assisted in moving
tropics and he wore a prominent gray walrus mustache. He stood proudly on his awning covered flying bridge, master of all his domain, ready to assist ATR-7's captain.
    In the heat of the maneuvering, ATR-7's captain sent orders fast and loud to the Brazilian counterpart over on the other ship. As things went from bad to worse in the operation, the Captain shouted abuse at the Brazilian captain. The Brazilian in turn shouted double abuse -- in Portuguese -- so intense it seemed to make the brass pipe of the voice tube shiver. Then a cloud of black-gray smoke rose from the stack of the Brazilian tug while at the same time under the stern the green water boiled and foamed from changes of speed.

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