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    A popular Brazilian dish was steak and eggs for breakfast. YN2 can remember a few times when CK served this meal for breakfast. the crew sat down to an early morning plate of scrambled eggs with a huge broiled steak with the rib bone taking up most of the plate. This meal would last a man the whole day. Beef seemed to readily available in Brazil during the war.
    The steak and eggs were a change from the morning contest of trying to find a small box of dry cereal that didn't have weevils running around inside the sealed package. The hot climate of Brazil seemed to hatch unseen tiny eggs in the cereal and nearly every box of bran flakes had these little things. Even the flour in the galley had some weevils at times.
   CK ordered the eggs from an Englishman who ran a ship supply company. The eggs were obtained locally and arrived on board ship in a dirty wooden box. The eggs were covered with dirt and dried yellow yolk from broken ones and just placed loose in the dirty old box. Even through the eggs were inspected by Doc, we had no choice of another supplier.
    Canned milk was used for coffee, and the cook would make up a batch from milk powder that was acceptable, but not as good a fresh milk. The butter came in a tin container, but still melted quickly in the hot climate. They did have some excellent cheese, made in Brazil, in the shape of a ball that was packed in a sealed tin. It can be said that it was one of the better products of Brazil.
    The job for CK in the hot tropics was not an easy one.

    Recife had a big marketplace with many stalls. One item of interest to YN2 was a ship model like one of the little sailing vessels that came down river into Recife and sailed along the channel past the tug moored beside the dock. One evening he went ashore with QM1 doing his job as mailman. They headed for the marketplace and QM1 brought with him a few cartons of cigarettes for trading purposes.

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