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    Small ships like ATR-7 did not rate the luxury of a movie projector. However, through the base or another visiting ship, they were treated to a movie set up on the dock. A movie screen was mounted on the pier and a sound projector set up and wired. When darkness came, the crew sat on makeshift chairs around the pier along with a hundred or more local Brazilians, mostly young children.
   The movie was "Saludos Amigos" by Walt Disney and it was in color -- a U.S. Defense Department production by Disney Studios to foster better Pan American relations during the war. In the story Donald Duck and his friends went on a holiday around Brazil with assorted adventures. The kids watching the movie at first were as quiet as mice, but as the story progressed, they went wild over the scenes in their own country.
     The story is hard to recall today. One line does remain in YN2's memory. The animated parrot "Joe Corioca" asked "Have you ever been to Bahia?" and rolling his eyes with a smile said "Ah Bahia!" All the kids went wild! For weeks after that movie, the words were quoted every now and then throughout the ship. "have you ever been to Bahia?"  "Ah Bahia!"


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