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    Saturday 7 July, USS ATR-7 took on fuel oil at berth 6 Recife, Brazil for the last time. On the trip back to the USA, ATR-7 was to tow two barges. Two small yard tugs were to follow along also. The Captain set up a detailed plan of operation similar to a regular task force with ATR-7 as C.T.U. and O.T.C.. Each ship and the two barges had code names. There was "Bat", Ball", "Base", "Glove" and for the big barge -- "Meatball".
Sunday 8 July, the crew said good-bye to Recife, Brazil, shackled two lines to the two barges and took leave of Recife, Brazil followed by the two yard tugs YTB-192 (Pessacus) and YTB-242 (Manada). the YTB's were ordered to make routine inspection of the tow while the group sailed along. YTB-192 constantly lagged along behind, never checking the tow. Next morning YN2 found the orders for YTB-192 sitting on his desk in the office. In the frenzy of preparations for sailing, YN2 had forgotten to deliver the papers to the skipper of YTB-192. Earlier when he first went over to deliver the orders in person the tug was not moored at the dock and he forgot to make a second delivery of the orders, so there they lay in his desk.
    YN2 immediately went to the bridge to see the Captain but was told that he had gone down to the wardroom. He was in the midst of taking a shower when YN2 told him about the YTB-192 sailing orders. YN2 expected to be keel hauled for negligence, but the Captain took it calmly and the papers were promptly transferred over to YTB-192. that explained why YTB-192 had not been making routine checks of the barges while the tow sailed along.

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