The ships displayed on the two covers below are of those that were moored in Suisun Bay, California in 2010.
A couple of them became ship memorials. The remaining have been recycled into scrap steel,
as depicted by the lower cover image.   The scrap is melted down and formed in steel coils or bars that
can be molded into shapes usable in our very needed new structures.

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The word "AUXILIARY" or "A" is the official word for Navy Support type ships. "A" is in each ship type identity, like AO = Oiler.
Ship Breaking has been occurring for many years. See links at  BOTTOM OF PAGE.


The word "SUPPORT" is the topic of this proposed book. Although navy auxiliary ships have been supportive in the successful completion of our nations sea battles, they are barely recognized or memorialized. The Liberty and Victory ships have been the exception on what ships will have wonderful museums to memorialize their supporting rolls. All the other museums are War Type ships.

Thousands upon thousands of our sailors served on ships that supported the fighting, firing warships on the seas around the world and they enjoyed it. They never forget it. They were "HELPING" our battles to be won. But, just like the sailors aboard the warships, many were hurt, mortally wounded or lost overboard.

Auxiliary ships were there to provide fuel, ammunition, food, ship repairs, even towing service to move a warship ship out of harms way if it had lost power. Many replenishment ships had doctors and hospitals to take care of the wounded when larger ships with hospitals were not close by.

When these sailors who served aboard auxiliary ships, see those ships being towed to recycling yards, they are interested but they are are not happy. They know that there is no memorial museum to even display their "TYPE" of ship, let alone just their ship. I hope this book will display some memory for the veterans. I hope it will at least show them that the steel of their ship will be put to good use.

The book will include descriptions of at least 22 AUXILIARY ships plus the Liberty and Victory ships. It will include several interesting "LAST VOYAGE To The Recycle Yard" reports that I have created on the web. It will include descriptions of recycle yards and scrap reforming factories.

EL CAPITAN wanted to serve in the navy. He bought the USS YMS-328 about the same size as a tug.

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Revised: August 15, 2013
Vern Bouwman   Navy Ship Historian    Bothell, Washington

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