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email:  I plan on making a CD "PANAMA CROSSING REPORTS" also.

The ships displayed on the CD Label are of those that were moored in Suisun Bay, California in 2010. A couple of them became ship memorials. The remaining have been recycled into scrap steel, as depicted by the lower label image, or are about to be. The scrap is melted down and formed in steel coils or bars that can be molded into shapes usable in our very needed new structures.

Vern is a believer in the recycle process! There are 3 carts in front of his house every monday morning, 2 for RECYCLE!

When you review the 1st two chapters of this book you will see that those photos of the original reserve fleets had more AUXILIARY type ships than war ships. Considerably more steel is recycled from support type ships than war ships. War ship steel is sunk from target practice and is rusting at the bottom of the sea.
Do remember though, sailors do need practice to keep our country free.

The CD is organized as below;  There NO LINKS to the chapters on this web page.
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