Harbor Defense Boats
Little Creek, VA
1954 1955
....The nets were still being used to seal off the Chesapeake Bay in "55".  There was no bridge.  Boats were used to open and close the net which hung from  buoys and streached to the bottom so as submarines could not enter the bay; just as the background of this web page depicts.  There were also mines that set on the bottom that could be activated as necessary.  The nets were put together by the hands of ....seaman..who just come out of boot camp and was a very dirty job.  Vern could have done this but chose to Mess Cook..his entire stay here
.... ....

Vern is showing off on a barge, part the harbor fleet.
He never went onto or worked on them in over a year on the base.

This boat was used to handle mines or nets
There was one larger boat, see at right edge of  Base Page

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