Hi this is Tim Verhagen from the Netherlands,..........................................10 November 2003
I would like to ask you some questions about the engine of the B17.
First I will tell U why.

In 1989 my father has erected an archeological museum in a small village (Gewande) along the river the Maas. That's near the city 's-Hertogenbosch.

We are a non-profit museum and are open every last sunday of the month and we don't have entry costs. The collection consists of items that my father and I collected over the years from fossil bones like mammothbones, wooly rinoceros, roman items, medieval, 19th century and many more .

The museum is also a monument, a old pumping station build in 1940. In the second world war the area around 's-hertogenbosch was liberated by the Americans and the english/scottish.

Near our museum a patrol of allied soldiers walked into an ambush from the germans and there were killed some of these soldiers. Therefor we are making a beginning little room that we want to expand later in the museum for our liberators. Outside we want to rase a mnument for the
fallen soldiers. Now by accident I found someone who had dragged a engine out of the north sea from the second world war. I want to restore it as nice as possible to make it a memorial item but I have some problems with it.

I hope you have worked with these airplane that U mentioned in your site.
Here are my questions

I have assembled al the cilinders(9) of the main part of the engine. The cilinder heads are missing because of the salt in the sea. I have the front piece of the engine 2 but only with 1 proppelor on it. Now I recently could get hold of 2 more propellors and I want 2 combine these 2 with the 1 I already have.

My problem is that I dont know how to get the propellors off. I hope U have some info for me about that because it would help me alot.

Also I want to ask if you have more detailed pictures of the engine so I can reconstruct some parts.

I hope U can help me,

Thanks in advance
Tim Verhagen
e:mail dus_timverhagen@hotmail.com

Visit our site at www.museumhertogsgemaal.nl,
its not finished yet, but it's proof for our excistence if you like.
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