702 Hutchins Lake Road, Fennville, MI         See: Aerial Photo

Carolyn Jean age 4, and LaVerne "VERN"  age 5, Bouwman. There sister Arleen was in the house,
only a few months old.  They and their mother lived in this house directly in front of grandpa and grandma Sheckler's.  The tree you see, we are looking North-far right, is on the other side of the road. That is where the boat we used was always tied near. To the right, Ezra and Florence Zue where just starting to build their retirement home. Florence was a 2nd cousin to Grandma Ethel, Barnett, Lickley, Sheckler.

I remember one day this winter, Mom put my snow pants on the stove to dry, well they got burnt.
The stove was an oil stove in the living room about 24inches square and 52 inches high. In the summer there was a dock in in the lake, look right straight between us. Two things happened on that dock that I remember, In the water I went down on my knees and hit a broken bottle and cut my right knee. I also, in one of my temper tantrums, threw my new wide-up model train in the lake.

The lake has ice on it and there are several cars under it. 
We had a lot of fun on that ice but remember!

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