The remains of the University of South Australia's Piper Seminole after it was struck by a runaway Piper Saratoga.

This story came to me from a pilot who has a similar story.
I nearly had the same experience on New Year's Day, 1980- dead battery, so I tied down the tail and propped the plane to get it started. My brother was in the co-pilot seat, presumably with his feet on the brakes. I was going to get in the plane, then have my dad untie the tail. He got ahead of my plan, and the plane started rolling. My brother steered it left into the taxiway to avoid the planes in the next row. We got it stopped by brute strength. When I asked my brother why he hadn't applied brakes, he claimed that he did. That's when I figured out that he didn't know that the brakes were on the toes of the rudder pedals. He thought the pedals were like a Caterpillar tractor!
Sincerely,  Brent Stewart Private pilot, airplane enthusiast, hang glider pilot, etc.

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