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    Janurary 1945 saw the last training crews in Miami, Florida. In early Janurary ATR-7 towed target for several ships in gunnery exercises. On Monday 15 Janurary she received an airmailgram with orders to proceed to the navy Yard at charlston, South Carolina. This was a welcome change of duty as the daily training cruises in and out of Miami harbor were becomeing boring.
    At 1634 on 15 Janurary ATR-7 was underway and soon cleared the Miami sea buoy heading north for an overhaul. By Wednesday 17 Janurary ATR-7 was standing in Charleston Harbor, and moored next to USS NARRAGANSETT ATF-88 in Charleston Navy Yard. On 20 Janurary the ship was resting on keel blocks in
YFD-35 and undergoing cleaning and painting of hull. By 25 Janurary the drydock was flodded and ATR-7 moved down to berth Fox-7 for additonal repairs.

    On Saturday 27 Janurary ATR-7 sailed up river to the Naval Ammunition Depot and returned on board the ammunition previously unloaded before entering the dry dock. All repairs and modifications were finally completed and after a series of calibration trials ATR-7 was once again ready for sea.

    The captain received orders for a change of duty and ATR-7 was to proceed to Recife, Brazil. Stores were loaded and the bunker tankes filled to capacity. At 0802 on the morning of 31 Janurary the ship was underway en route from Charleston, South Carolina to Trinidad, B.W.I. in compliance with confidential orders from COM SIXTH NAVAL DISTRICT. Late that afternoon several test rounds of the 3"/50 cal. and 20 mm. ammunition were fired. ATR-7 continued on course singly and unescorted in compliance with her orders.


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