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   Some weeks after arriving in Recife, Brazil, the supply of American blend coffee was used up and the local Brazilian product had to be bought. Brazilian coffee is a much, much stronger drink and when mixed with canned milk, it is not the tastiest, but now there was no other choice.   
    Making a trip into town one day, Yeoman walked into a small coffee shop. He noticed a local man purchase some coffee. The clerk reached down under the counter and came up with a bag of a very special blend. Since Yeoman could not speak or understand Portuguese, He pointed to the spot under the counter and with a bit of difficulty, conveyed his desire to buy "Some of the same". The clerk again reached down and came up with a bag similar to that ordered by his recent customer.
    With his bag of newly roasted and ground coffee still warm, He returned to the ship. The chief machinist's mate was sitting in the mess hall with a couple other off duty men from the black gang. A glass silex percolator is generally kept handy in the galley, so they found it and proceeded to load it up with yeoman's "extra special". The water boiled after a few minutes and then it ran up the glass tube into the upper container, mixing with the ground coffee. After the top filled they had a nice amber brew in the upper half of the glass percolator.

Now all was ready. The silex was removed from the heat and after a few minutes the contents of the top container began to pass through the glass filter down into the lower part of the silex. Machinist's mate removed the glass silex top containing the "coffee" grounds. Alas, there were no coffee grounds! The blend was ground so fine, it passed right over the glass filter rod. All handed over a cup and this marvelous dark brown fluid was poured into each cup. Taking one sip! "Wow!! It was so strong, you could float a horseshoe in the stuff.


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