History of ATR-7 - Page 4

    On Wednesday 11 May ATR-7 was underway for NORVA. Sailing along off Cape Charles, Virginia she passed a convoy of ships on the way to Europe. Mostly small vessels, landing craft, all newly painted and sailing in single file. The line of ships stretched as far as one could see in either direction. After sending the usual blinker request at the NAVSAL facility in Norfolk, at 1150 on Saturday 13 May ATR-7 tied up in a slip beside several larger Navy ships.
   As soon as the ship was secured from Sea and Anchor Detail, several of the hardy (foolhardy) crew were in swimming trunks and over the side swimming in the nice warm water. Water in these ship slips are quite filthy from toilet waste emptied directly into the ocean. On Wednesday 17 May ATR-7 moored alongside USS ALCOR AD-34 and received water and electricity from the big ship, like AD-12 to right. Remember her at Portland, Maine?


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