History of ATR-7  -  Page 11

     One morning the cook complained that the galley sink was clogged. So, MMC ordered the new SF's to work on the problem. ATR-7 never did things in a small way! A flexible metal hose was run from the boiler in the fireroom up to the main deck along the passageway into a porthole and over into the galley sink. Meanwhile SF carved out a wooden plug to adapt the metal hose to the drain hole in the galley sink. When all was ready, a signal was sent to the fireroom and with a hiss and gurgle, steam and hot water surged through the line. A gurgle and thump was heard when the steam and hot water ran free indicating the blockage had loosened. Congratulations all around!
    It was not long before the Captain discovered to his horror that the waste line of the galley sink backed up into the wash basin in his cabin. Black goo, grease and an abundance of coffee grounds covered the room. The Captain's bunk was covered, his desk was sprayed and newly typed letters awaiting his signature were ruined.
    That the Captain was angry, doesn't describe the situation. The SD's had been warned weeks before, never to dump coffee grounds in the galley sink. Two SD's lost liberty for two full weeks, a severe penalty while being stationed in Miami.

    Sometime later,


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