As viewed by Letha and Vern Bouwman on March 4, 1964
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Letha and Vern Bouwman's trip during March of 1964, naturally brought them here because of Vern's hitch in the Navy.  They were then living in East Moline, IL. See the Trip Map. Leaving the Surf Motel in Port Lavaca, TX on Wednesday morning, we headed right for Houston. First we went to by the new Space Center where all the astronauts are, this being just across the field from Ellington Air Force Base. Then we saw hundreds of oil wells in the bay by Baytown. At noon we were at San Jacinto Battleground where we saw and toured through the Battleship TEXAS. Then we walked to the Monument, took the photo above, and went up. It was real windy and the monument actually moved in the wind.

The San Jacinto Monument, image to right
is 570ft. -  4in. high - World's tallest monument, commemorating the heros of the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836

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Vern is in command for a moment
View of USS Texas from Monument

Trip Map