This 1983 believable, romantic, adventure, as set just after WW-I, was filmed in England and Yugoslavia. The button, right, links to a 17 min. clip of the movie.
It is noted that this movie was not created with CGI,[1]  but the sound is off  track in parts of Vern’s video copy. This copy was created on VHS tape in the 1990's and converted to a wmf file on November 30, 2011. 


In this movie; “High Road To China”,[2] a society heiress (Evie Tozer) is encouraged to believe her wealthy father (Bradley Tozer) will lose his England holdings in two weeks where in the British court will declare him dead because of his long time absence. His scheming partner (Bentik) can then declare full ownership and Evie’s extravagate high life will come to an end.
The company solicitor (Charlie Shane) flies from London to Istanbul,[3] Turkey to advise Evie of her probable loss. She immediately hires two Camels,[4] (bi-planes) owned by a WW-I hero flying ace, (Patrick O’Malley) and his partner (Strutz) to fly to the last know location of her father, Pakistan. The two Bi-Planes are named Dorothy and Lillian, for the Gish Sisters,[5] Evie, who happens to also be a expert pilot. After two hops, they land on the flat top hill area of Waziristan[6] in Eastern Pakistan[7].
In Waziristan, the group is detained by Sulman Khan, where Evie, was ridiculed for even being allowed to fly in an airplane. The Sulman insisted that one of his Commissioners be given a flying lesson. O’Malley obliges, takes him high, turns over and drops him to his death. The four somehow, having refueled, get away and continue their journey, heading east to Nepal.
In Katmandu,[8] Nepal; the explorers again find that Bradley Tozer has long ago moved on into China. Back in London, Bentik learns the daughter is in Nepal and arranges to have assassins eliminate them. Early one morning, German pilot Von Kern attacks the camp with his WWI bi-plane and knocks out one of O’Malley’s planes (Dorothy) on the ground. O’Malley takes off after him where a challenging air battle occurs. O’Malley shoots Von Kern from behind the German plane crashes into rocky hill. O’Malley is then  wondering why they were attacked and challenges Evie for the answer. Evie finally tells that Bentik’s  assassins were really after her.
With one plane left, only Evie and Patrick continue the journey into China. The advice in Nepal leads them to the Stone Mountains[9] of Yunnan Province[10]. This is the area where Bradley earned his fortune on the trade route of the Tea Road...

Landing by a small village in Yunnan, Evie and Patrick are brought inside where the eccentric Bradley appears from a dusty fortress interior. Bradley is helping the area peasants fight an invading Evil Warlord and during an attack, Evie takes it upon herself to load the plane with the peasants homemade bombs and attacks the troops of the warlord in a climactic battle from the air, driving them away.
Evie, in Patrick’s loving arms, return to the west after Evie’s father refuses to return and assures her that  his England holdings are now hers.


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Best Review:

Strutz (Jack Weston)
Charlie Shane (Michael Sheard) Bradley’s solicitor from London)
Bentik (Robert Morley) Bradley’s partner - leader of assassins)


Patrick O’Malley (Tom Selleck)

Evie Tozer (Bess Armstrong)

Bradley Tozer (Wilford Brimley)

Sulman Khan (Brian Blessed)