The Wings of Eagles

The movie, "The Wings of Eagles" displayed a fierce proponent for Naval Aviation named
Frank Wilber "Spig" Wead, born 24 October 1895 in Peoria, Illinois.

Two items in the movie make this page useful in Sand Point Hiatory, Early Sea Plane flying action and the head lines, Army to make the FIRST FLIGHT AROUND THE WORLD.

Wead's dedication to the promotion of the Navy's flying program was so intense that his marriage and family life suffered. When an accident paralyzes him, Spig finds a new means of expressing his love of flying: screenwriting. Successful and acclaimed, he finds the U.S. entry into World War II to be an irresistible call. Pleading that he be reinstated in the Navy despite his paralysis, Spig finds he has an enormous contribution yet to make. He brought about the "JEEP" Carrier, more proper, the Escort Carrier.




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This is a Curtiss JN-7H; used in the 1st clip.

By the way; SPIG is played by JOHN WAYNE

.Wead's writings would lead him to Hollywood and the eventual friendship and collaboration with director John Ford. Wead would receive two Academy Awards. nominations in 1938, one for Best Original Story for "Test Pilot" and a second for Best Screenplay for "The Citadel". Wead also wrote for leading magazines (The Saturday Evening Post and The American Magazine), and he was published writer of at least two books, including: "Ceiling Zero" (1936), and "Gales, Ice and Men" (1937).