Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR)

Picture this landing at night

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eft side - FLIR Landing system presentation.                                             Right Side - View out of the cockpit.

Here's a short film BullsEye produced for Anteon, a defense contractor who manufactures the latest Forward Looking Infrared equipment for fighter jets.

This version will be in the new 787 Dreamliner being built by Boeing.

This is an F-16 on a visual landing into Aspen, Colorado at night.

The right half of the view is the pilot's normal visual path to the runway during darkness. In other words, totally black. The left side of the screen is the Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) that paints the heat signature of the outside terrain for pilots so they can see at night as though it were daytime. FLIR Technology is a great addition to the cockpit of commercial as well to military aircraft. It enables a pilot to successfully land an aircraft at night under VFR (Visual Flight Rules)!

Pilot: Lt. Col. Mack "Big Nasty" Collins Voices of the pilot and tower operator are audible. might need to turn up the volume. Notice how quiet, however, the interior of the F-16 is. Older military jets were not this quiet. They have adopted General Dynamics' "quiet as a mouse" noise abatement technology used in the Gulfstream jets.

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