The "Summer Magic" story is
about a fun-loving young girl (Hayley Mills)
 and her widowed mom and siblings
move to Maine from Boston after
a serious financial mishap wreaks havoc
on the family's fortunes.
Four of Burl's songs are featured.

Burl Icle Ives (Originally: Burl Ivanhoe)

Birth: Jun. 14, 1909 - Death: Apr. 14, 1995

In 1980 at age 70, he retired in Anacortes, WA where he remained active in music by participating in benefit performances. He was a many times contributor to fund raisers...Indian reservations, Boy Scouts, environmental groups, art foundations and children' medicine. He passed away at age 85 from mouth cancer.

Burl Icle Ivanhoe was born in rural Jasper County, Illinois near the town of Hunt, one of seven children, his father a farmer. He was a singer from an early age learning his first tunes from his doting grandmother who had him singing in the local Baptist church by age four. In high school, Burl became a proficient banjo player while athletically active as a fullback on the school team with aspirations toward a career as a coach.

After school, in the depression, he simply went on a "bum," wandering the country, hitching rides, doing odd jobs and using his musical talent as a busker (street singing for money).  By 1940, he was a radio personality with his own show on CBS, "The Wayfarin' Stranger." He worked on Broadway, made many memorable movies and record albums and mad several television appearances.

This web writers favorite movie was "ENSIGN PULVER", Mr. Ives  was his commander.
At his death, Burl was cremated and the Masons provided his final tribute. Burl Ives was involved in Freemasonry from his youth, becoming a DeMolay in 1927. A memorial service was held at the
Scottish Rite Cathedral in Los Angeles. The Ashes were taken to Mound Cemetery, Willow Hill, Illinois and the urn was interred beside his mother with the Masons and the Baptist minister from his boyhood church conducting the final committal. Legacy...
In 1994 he was honored with the induction into the DeMolay Hall of Fame.

North of Newton there is a bridge named for Burl, "Burl Ives Bridge' located just north of Newton, IL, crossing the Ambraw River. Illinois became his namesake and the bridge has an accompanying plaque erected by the Illinois Department of Transportation honoring the famous folk singer.

                   The Magic
Burl Icle Ives
Burl Ives; who lived near us in the State of Washngton,
 is movie star much liked by this web page author:
The movie SUMMER MAGIC which he stars in,